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What we do

Here are the various videos and compilations of pictures of all our allocation and inspections at all our estate locations. Here is another way of ours to be transparent and can make online deposit to our direct company’s account

Lands For Commercial Use

Frontier Homes provides the platform for your business establishment and to help you bring your dreams into reality and bring the best out of your ideas.

Land For Residentials

Frontier Homes have all our estate locations fenced and more plans still place for residential purpose, and very comfortable for families settling and also for honeymoons.

Land For Resale

Frontier Homes hold the platform for investors to invest in the land, and later after some time to come back and re-sell for their interest.

We Work With Your Budget

With our flexible paymentnt plan, we offer you the best plan for you to complete your payment and own your land without stress and without been choked with the payment.


Our Works


Realtrest is a franchise under the FRONTIER COMMERCIAL SERVICES LIMITED basically involved in investing in land for a period of 12months and getting a percentage of up to 40%. This also entails increased deposit of money and increased percentage.